What are some interesting Tinder stories?

The behind story about the of Tinder

We all know,with the popularity of traditional American dating sites Match and OkCupid, Tinder can still successfully rise up and gain customers’ love. Obviously, it did a lot preparations for promoting the tinder app. Today, after reading an article by XDash, product manager, technology blogger, I would like to share the promoting stories of Tinder app. It is very interesting!

In fact, we all know that Tinder is not actually an independent startup in the traditional sense, but belongs to IAC. As the incubation project of the company’s “Innovation Sandbox” laboratory, CEO Sam Yagan deliberately hides its background in a mysterious and low-key way, hoping to let the outside world see a brand new independent project, and Sub-product lines not relying on the platform of large companies.

Meanwhile, many social apps may face a problem that how to solve the problem of cold start. This can not escape the “chicken and egg” causal paradox, which is the “Matthew effect” we often talk about. The higher the popularity of the community, the easier it is to build a broader and denser chain of relationships and strengthen the city walls. Therefore, the initial development and operation of tinder has done a lot jobs.

That was Justin Mateen (He was later awarded the title of Chief Marketing Officer and Co-Founder). When he was studying at the University of Southern California, Martin ran a party preparation company. He mobilized the social experts in the fraternity and sorority to sell party tickets. For every ten sold, he gave them a free coupon. Based on his previous marketing experience, he realized that “if we can penetrate into those with social influence first, then we can spread to others on this basis.”

So he sent the beta version of Tinder to the 600 most popular acquaintances in the Los Angeles party circle, and attracted a group of young and beautiful long-term online users.

Soon, Tinder reached tens of thousands of pairing interactions every day. This strategy worked so well that Tinder began to replicate it on a large scale. Wolfe in the company was sent to campuses all over the United States. With her unique persuasive ability, she first invited the members of the girls’ association to use Tinder, and then went to the fraternity to win over fellow males . And boys using this app can see all girls in the circles around, so they had the curiosity and motivation to continue using it. When Wolfe completed this enclosing tour, the number of users increased from 5,000 to 15,000.

This increase in user data has well verified the success of Tinder’s early “Matthew Effect” and helped Tinder open the door to market promotion.

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