What is it that nobody tells you about adult life?

Showing a
certain level of anxiety is likely to make others like you.

friends may feel that the anxiety will cause them perform poorly. In fact, it
is not. The main reasons are as followed:

You don’t look as anxious as you are inside. Although your heart may have
fallen apart, outsiders seem to be just a little embarrassed.

In an anxiety, you tend to pay too much attention to the points that you have
not performed well. In fact, you have shown enough to impress the audience.

Excessive anxiety leads to abnormal performance, while showing a slight anxiety
and still going through the entire process (such as a speech) will make people
feel good. This is a problem of expectations.

So it is
impossible to let you not be nervous, just let it go.

scholars have put forward a theory of compensation: Anxiety is like a ball
floating on the water. The more you press down (evasion), the more it bounces
up. Therefore, evasion cannot reduce your anxiety and let it drift naturally.
It will become accustomed to fear as time progresses, and ultimately weaken

you are afraid to raise your hand, you must raise your hand. When you are
afraid to speak on stage, you go up to speak. You will eventually adapt to
anxiety in these processes. And it will make you stronger and stronger.

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