What is a disturbing fact most people are unaware of?

Obviously no one did wrong, but the result was not satisfactory

A couple, although they don’t have many topics in common, they are happy when they stay together.

The girl’s health is not good and she has a family history; but the boy doesn’t care, even if he knows what future awaits them.

However, the boy’s parents have concerns about the family history and the girl’s physique, but they also respect the boy’s choice. But slowly, some symptoms appeared on the girl and she felt uneasy. She chose the boy to confess everything. The boy did not abandon her, regardless of her, but tried to seek help from his father. The boy’s father is a doctor, and he is also actively cooperating to provide help. As the girl’s condition worsened, the boy’s father began to persuade the boy to give up, and the boy’s mother threatened to sever the relationship.

The boy clearly understands that after the severance of the relationship, the financial strength of the two is not enough to support the two girls entering the marriage hall. When the girl learned of this, her heart was under a lot of pressure. Slowly, the two people get along with each other gradually.

In order to reduce the pressure on the girl, the boy pretended that nothing happened as usual, and put all his energy into preparing the girl’s birthday party. The boy also carefully prepared a trip for the girl. Although the birthday party was a success, the girl still knew the hidden facts.

Finally, at the last meeting, the girl decided to break up. The boy was heartbroken, but he also knew that he could not change at present. There is nothing wrong with all these girls. She has relieved a burden and does not have to face the various problems and pains that will be brought about in the future. The boy’s parents did nothing wrong, and made painful choices for a better family. But the result is unpleasant, but who can blame it?

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