What are the signs your partner doesn’t love you anymore? True or not?

1. Frequent contact with other people of the opposite sex

2. You are not his or her focus than the games

3. Never do something you like, even if you beg him or her

4. Often make a comparison between you and his or her exes

5. Don’t allow you to have sex with him or her

6. Facing problems, choose to escape

7. Lose patience to you

8. Less contact with you than before and no longer active in your communication

The mark of a relationship from the beginning to the end is from “nothing to say” to “nothing to say”. If you can clearly feel the lover’s indifference and alienation, then there must be a situation. No longer actively contacting you is a signal of changes in your relationship.

9. No longer being desire to meet you

Couples in different places, separated by time and distance, are very difficult. The more they miss a person, the more they want to see him (her), but if they no longer want to meet and do not have the desire to see you, it means that their relationship is deteriorating. There is no desire to meet. In other words, there is no desire to continue to love you, and no determination and perseverance to continue.

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