What are the most effective ways to promote blogs?

How to quickly operate a blog, in fact, we can refer to some well-known social apps promotion. Based on the promotion of some social apps, I summarize the following three points:

1. The blog account must be accurately positioned

A large number of blog fans is certainly a good thing, but for corporate blogs, the quality of “fans” is more important. Because corporate blogs involve the ultimate commercial value of corporate products. The ultimate commercial value requires high-quality fans with specific needs. With reference to the rapid development of Facebook and Tinder social apps, we can see that their early development and promotion is based on an accurate position. Many companies complain that there are over 10,000 blog fans, few people can repost and leave messages, and the publicity effect is not obvious. But in fact, the fundamental reason is the inaccurate account positioning.

2. Enterprise account need to pay special attention to operation skills

If a corporate blog account wants to be vigorous and sustainable, it is not enough to simply convey value in the content. Some skills and methods must be emphasized. For example, the setting of blog topics and expression methods are very important. If the content of your blog is suspenseful and can guide fans to think and participate, there will naturally be more people browsing and replying, and it is easy to make an impression. Conversely, bringing blog posts like press releases will make fans unable to participate even if they want to participate.

3. Updating blogs should depend on a specific time

As a corporate blog account, the content is not easy to update too frequently, and the content must be valuable. Do not post or reprint content at will, because corporate blogs represent the overall image of a company. Of course, for corporate blogs to engage in activities, they must be honest. If you do what you say, you can also increase fans and increase the number of fans.

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