What are some cute psychological facts about crushes?

1.If a girl has crushed on you, she will definitely dress herself up in front of you. Dressing yourself up every day is to attract your attention and let you look at her more.

2.If a girl likes you, she will deliberately act like a coquettish in front of you. These performances are unique to girls. Moreover, a girl would only act like a baby boy she likes. The babbling noise they make in front of you is just suggesting that they like you. Like “Take a small fist to punch your chest” is a kind of coquettish performance.

3. If a girl really likes you, she will accept you from the bottom of her heart. And she won’t reject your physical contact with her. Even when you have some excessive demands on her, she will not mind.

4.If girls and boys are ordinary friends, she will not go to your house alone. Even if nothing happens, it is not good for reputation. If she goes to your house alone, it means she cares about you.

5.When you are not couple, it is normal to have a good relationship with her. If she can’t stand it at this time, it means that she likes you a little bit. Maybe she just has a crush on you, but this can be annoying. 

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