How was your first sex experience?

a story:

Xiao Mei said that the first time she had a relationship with her boyfriend Xiao Han, she felt physical pain. She felt as if her body had been inserted into an unknown hard object, and she felt very uncomfortable being pushed.

Xiaomei and Xiaohan work in different cities and are in a long-distance relationship. Xiaomei and Xiaohan have been in love for three years, and they often hold hands, hug, and kiss (not tongue kisses) in daily encounters, but they have never had a relationship. Xiaomei said that Xiaohan protected her very well and would never move her body without her consent. Until Xiaomei’s 18th birthday, things developed further.

That day, Xiaohan drove more than ten kilometers to the city where Xiaomei worked. In the evening, after Xiaomei got off work, she saw the handsome Xiaohan waiting for her downstairs in the company. Xiao Mei ran over happily, hugged Xiao Han, and kissed him. Later, Xiao Han took Xiao Mei to a western restaurant to celebrate Xiao Mei’s 20th birthday. After dinner, the two went to a five-star hotel and opened a room full of romance themed, with a comfortable double bed room and separate bathroom.

Then, after the two entered the house, they changed the disposable slippers of the hotel. Xiaomei and Xiaohan lie on the bed and watch a movie. At that time, all the lights in the room were turned off. Because the movie theme that Xiaomei and Xiaohan watch is a love movie, Xiaohan’s body begins to feel a little hot. Xiao Han said to Xiao Mei, “I want to kiss, I want to have a blind date with you.” Maybe because of the eye contact between the two people, Xiao Mei took the initiative to cling to Xiao Han’s neck, slowly approaching, two lips Close together.

Slowly, the kisses and soft lips pressed to each other’s deep tongue kisses. The process is gentle and intense. So Xiao Han slowly helped Xiao Mei and began to take off Xiao Mei’s top. The action is fast and domineering. Xiao Mei also catered to Xiao Han and helped Xiao Han take off her coat. Immediately afterwards, each other was naked.

With the fluctuation of emotions, Xiao Han supported Xiao Mei, and Xiao Mei under her. The two began to touch physically. Xiao Han tried to enter Xiao Mei’s body slowly, but he didn’t dare to exert himself for fear that Xiao Mei might hurt. However, Xiaomei shed tears in pain only after going in for a while. Xiao Han saw tears flowing from the corners of Xiao Mei’s eyes because of her lower body pain. As a result, his movements became particularly slow and gentle. Every time Xiao Han moved, Hui Xiaomei slowed down. When Xiaomei yelled pain, Xiaohan would stop and hug Xiaomei to comfort her.

Xiaomei guessed that she felt Xiaohan’s depression. So, Xiao Mei turned over and sat on Xiao Han in order to encourage her boyfriend. Xiao Mei looked at Xiao Han, slowly moved her lips closer to Xiao Han’s, and kissed him gently. Xiao Han was encouraged by Xiao Mei Ai, and his body once again reacted strongly. So Xiao Han deepened the kiss, and the tip of his tongue stuck into Xiao Mei’s mouth. The tips of each other’s tongues are entwined with each other, and the breath is staggered. At this time, the atmosphere in the room became ambiguous and charming, and only the deep breathing of two people, Xiaomei’s groaning and the sound of the two bodies blending together could be heard. Everything is so natural and beautiful.

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