How do you know when someone really loves you?

If a person really loves you, he will do something for
you spontaneously without complaint.
Of course, everyone has their own opinions
on whether love is true or not. However, I will still share my views with you
based on my current professional experience and personal experience.


The beginning of love must be based on the attraction
between each other.
Slowly as getting on with each other, the relationship will
rise to a higher level. What does it look like when someone truly loves you?
Friends who have experienced the love, I believe everyone has their own ideas. If
a person really loves you, he will give you enough security, care about your
little emotions, will not make you wronged, and will put you first in


First of all, he will take the initiative to maintain
a normal and appropriate distance with other female friends or female
colleagues at any time. Outside, he will not have too much or even excessive
contact with other women, because he knows that if he does this, you will be
sad and even angry.


Moreover, he will also be afraid that an unintentional
act of his will hurt you. Secondly, he will openly and proudly introduce you to
his family and friends. He will take the initiative to show you his family, he
will also take the initiative to set your photo as his mobile phone screen, and
he will also take the initiative to publish your sweet photo on his social


Of course, if he goes out to dinner with friends and
participates in company activities, he will take the initiative to tell you in
advance to let you know his dynamics. Also, he will take the little things you
said to heart. Maybe you just say casually, “I want to eat fruit”,
but he will seriously go to several fruit shops to select fruit for you.


Also, if a person loves you, he will take the
initiative to write down the food you like to eat. When shopping, he will take
the initiative to carry your bags. When you eat, he will order something you
like to eat, and will also take the initiative to bring you dishes. When you
are sick, he will take care of you in every possible way. He will care about
all your small tempers, will care about your emotional changes, and will be
depressed because of not coaxing you.’


As he really loves you, he won’t lose his temper at you,
won’t beat you, let alone take the initiative to break up with you. This is
impossible. He cares about you as much as he loves you, and also eagerly and
seriously plan you into his future.

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