How do you know if you’re in love?

I think that when you look at or think of him (her), you will always be tempted to smile secretly, that is not disgusting, tangled, proud (used as a derogatory term, such as holding a kind of: my girlfriend So beautiful, others will envy me because of this, and treat each other as your decorations, showing off ideas.) This is the performance of falling in love with him (her). When you stay together, you feel very relaxed, although you will not say that it is the kind of feeling that you want to stick to each other, so greasy, but you can show the side of your child, whether it is petted or spoiled, you All can accept all this naturally and joyfully. Falling in love with a person should be the feeling that the other person at least likes you. Unilateral like cannot produce love (unless you think he also likes you). Human emotions are so rich, when two people at least have a good impression of each other And when we are together, we should be able to feel each other’s delicate emotions.

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