How do you begin foreplay before sex?

How do you begin foreplay before sex? Sex is a psychological, emotional and physical combination of both men and women, so sexual foreplay is very important and can make sex life more beautiful. No matter who you are before sex, you must be emotionally prepared and spend some time before foreplay, so that both men and women have good memories of sex. How can we do good foreplay?
1. Caress
How do you begin foreplay before sex? At the beginning, caress the inner thighs, buttocks, and external genitals first. Do not focus on stimulating the genitals as soon as you come up. Follow the principle of moving from far to near and from outside to inside. When caressing, you should pay attention to gentle movements, as much as possible with your fingertips to make gentle and firm touches, and rhythmically touch. In addition, you can also draw circles or move up and down on the opponent’s skin to caress, be sure to pay attention to the movement is slow and gentle, and the change should not be too rapid. Touch is not limited to fingers, you can try to use your tongue or mouth, you can also try to swipe with eyelashes, nose or hair, which can give the other party a certain surprise and warmth. You can also try to caress your sexual partner with fabrics such as cotton balls, feathers or silk scarves. In addition, sponges can be used to wipe each other’s body when bathing together, which can enhance sexual pleasure through touch.
2. Kissing
How do you begin foreplay before sex? Kissing is indispensable in the process of sex, it is silent communication, it occupies an irreplaceable position in the expression of sexual stimulation and love, and the practice of kissing is flexible. You can kiss each other’s face, nose, ears, lips, etc., start a short kiss, and then perform a deep and passionate kiss. Opening your eyes while kissing can make your partner more sexy, and closing your eyes can make people intoxicated in affection. Contact between the tongues of both men and women can increase sexiness, but they must be healthy, otherwise they will spread diseases. Bad breath is a taboo for kissing. Try not to eat foods that can cause bad breath on the day of sex, such as garlic, onions and leeks. In addition, hugging can stimulate the sense of touch, you can hug the whole body, you can also hug the torso, thighs or arms.
3. Speak sweet words
How do you begin foreplay before sex? In the process of sex, language is very beautiful. During the stage of caressing during sex, speaking love words appropriately can increase the interest. Sweet talk has a certain aphrodisiac function, which can stimulate and maintain sexual excitement. In addition, you can also listen to music and feel stimulating. Listening to different music during sex can enhance sexual awareness. Noise interference during sex is a great taboo. When there is noise outside, try to close doors and windows.
4. Dress up the bedroom
How do you begin foreplay before sex? Try to place fresh flowers in the sex bedroom to increase sexual interest. Body odor or sweat remaining on the bed sheets is bound to affect the sexual interest, so try to change clean sheets. In addition, you can spray air fresheners in the room to create a good mood. In addition, both men and women can take a bath or shower together, because the fragrance has a certain aphrodisiac effect and can quickly bring people into a warm state.
5. Try to be nude
How do you begin foreplay before sex? Try to be naked during sex, to show curvaceous beauty in front of couples, and to increase sex appeal and mutual attraction. In addition, pay attention to visual stimulation. Both men and women should pay attention to clothing. You can choose soft, thin and transparent, looming sexy underwear, which can improve sexual charm. In addition, the indoor light should be soft and hazy during sex and the room temperature should be controlled.
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