How can I tell if my girlfriend is cheating on me?

Body Contact first, then Eye Contact!

  1. Body Contact & Sex

What you should always believe is that a woman, whose heart is full of you, will not easily refuse to have body contact with you, even a sex with you. Friends in love should know clearly that a girl who is willing to have body contact with you can see your weight in her heart. If you want to distinguish whether she cheats on you or not, you can communicate with her through a sex. Even though she said different things in her mouth, her body was honest! Especially, when having a sex, both of you are relax. Maybe all of you know this. Body contact is an efficient way to upgrade your relationship. Conversely speaking, a woman who doesn’t love you and deceives you resolutely resists body contact with you. No matter how rich her words, movements, and expressions are, it is not worthy of your nostalgia.

2. Eye Contact

You should always know that a woman has firm and affectionate eyes. That shows her deep love to you. Actually, through eye contact, you can gain some useful information, such as erratic expressions, the expressions of pity and sorrow. If your girlfriend shows these, please stay away as soon as possible. Because her eyes are not all you, maybe you are just one of them! Everyone knows that a woman who loves you will fill you in her eyes and fill you in her heart, and care about everything about you all the time!

So, a woman who knows you and love you, her eyes can’t deceive you. She will look stupidly at all the things you do for her! And full of joy, I want to see you every day, and I want to stay by your side and stick to you every second.

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