How can I promote my website for free?

to promote a website for free

For website
operation and promotion, most of them choose high-cost advertising and
marketing for website promotion. In fact, although it is very easy to spend
money on advertising, there is no need to spend money on advertising for the
invisible future. After all, there are still many free promotion methods, so
how to promote your website for free? Let me share with you three free promotion


1. Promotion
through major advertising task networks

First of all, we
must choose the advertising task network with higher weight and inclusion. Of
course, the advertising price will be high, but the traffic source is wide and
the quality is high; secondly, we must pay attention to the browsing situation
at any time. If the updated browsing data does not match the website
statistics, then you should Immediately change the advertising task network to
publish tasks.


2. Promotion
through comments

The content of
the comment should not be generalized. You must have your own opinions, and it
is best to attract others to reply. Choose an article with a large number of
comments and reply on the first floor; if there are still replies on the first
floor, reply in the first reply on the first floor. At least make sure that
your reply is between the first floor and the second floor. Exposure rate.


But remember: Don’t comment much more in an article ! ! !


3. Promotion
through major blog platforms

Because the blog
platform already has a certain fan base, promotion on the platform can greatly
increase the exposure rate.

Of course,
regarding blog platform promotion, the best way to keep links between blogs is.
After you enter these blog navigation stations, you can also enter other
bloggers’ blogs for comment promotion.

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