Does true love exist?

This depends on whether you believe in love.

As adults, we have all passed the stage of hearing love. We will not simply believe in beautiful feelings, so we will doubt whether there is true love. Simply put, if there is no true love, then why some couples can step through the seven-year itch, step into the palace of marriage, and start a new love life. In fact, we often have a misunderstanding on this issue. That is, after experiencing a failed love and marriage, most people no longer believe in the existence of so-called relationships. So why does this happen? The most fundamental problem is that we have been hurt in the previous relationship, which has subtly affected our judgment of love or rising to true love.

In fact, in life, we will meet many people. We will start two or more relationships. To put it bluntly, we will not only meet a true love. When you are young, you will be with the people you like; you will start a simple and beautiful school love. This is wonderful. If you ask, was your partner true love at that time? I want to answer: “Yes. At that time, the other side grew up and progressed with each other. Although there was no perfect love ending in the end, they did love and care about them sincerely.” As an adult, you will encounter a more Attractive, more mature partner. Because of the mutual attraction of each other’s magnetic fields, you confirm the relationship. You are very comfortable and comfortable with each other every day. You understand all the emotions of each other, and you care about everything about each other. You will make yourself better for each other. You will also try to create some small romances and small surprises in order to please each other. You all tried your best in this relationship. At this time, would you say that what you have encountered is not true love?

Because at each stage of our growth, we get a different state of mind. Isn’t it true love in every relationship that starts and everyone you meet? You might say that it is not true love. However, what I want to say is, “It’s not that there is no true love, just because there is not enough love, there is no love with your heart. Because of the previous failed emotional experience, you are afraid that you will give everything yourself and manage with your heart, and you will end up hurting; so you chose to start loosely. , Scribbled to the end.”

In fact, every relationship will bring growth to a person. There is nothing wrong with this. However, the downside is that it makes people more likely to find better ways to protect themselves from harm.

So, whether true love exists or not depends on our own attitude towards feelings. That, the person you love to the bone, is your true love. The ex you hate for a lifetime is also your true love. After all, because I have loved and cared about, so love will rise to hatred.

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