Do dogs actually love us?

Acutually dogs love us. They put us as their families.

1.When it is hot, many people would like to go to the beach for having fun. Especially children are much more interested in plaing in the sea. A girl form Shenzhen city of Guangdong province wen to the beach with her family to play. She saw a small fish in the water, then she tried to catch it following by her dog. But without caution, she was swept into the sea by the heavy weaves. Then, her dog catched her T-shirt in time and saved her life.

2.The dog below is called Nora. It used to have a dark past. The former owner abused and tortured it. Later, it came to the animal shelter. Because of past experience, it is very afraid to approach humans. Until the Archie family adopted it. The owner really loves it, it can feel it. So, it slowly opened its heart, and returned with all love… Thus, dog always love us.

No matter what we have experienced, we need to love our dog as they love us. Because in their heart, we are placed on the first. When we meet troubles, they will protect us from being hurt. They actually us, and we do not do some bad things to hurt them, like abusing them, beating them and so on.

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