Can you fall in love with someone else even when you are married?

In the past month, a few friends have asked me about emotional issues. Coincidentally, the problems in these people’s marriages all stem from the emergence of a third party. For example, there is a 36-year-old lady who has been married for 15 years. We become A for this lady. In the first few years of marriage, A felt particularly happy; A got along very well with her husband B, and felt that she had found the right person. But slowly, life is no longer as passionate as before in love, and gradually returns to the ordinary. A thinks B is not romantic at all. For example, when A’s birthday, B will not prepare her birthday present. So when boring and boring, A has an emotional connection with a male colleague C of the company; but they are secretly communicating with each other. Until some time, A came home, B looked through A’s phone album and found that A had a lover outside. Therefore, the two quarreled endlessly, and finally the two reached an agreement and decided to divorce. 

Soon after the divorce, A and C married, and B became a single father, raising their children.
However, the life after marriage is still dull. Until one afternoon, A was out shopping and found C and another woman walking hand in hand in the mall. At that time, A did not directly question C, but took a photo with his mobile phone. When returning home in the evening, A picks up the phone, clicks on the album, and talks with C. The answer is that C admits that he doesn’t love her anymore and likes others. At that time, A shed sad tears in annoyance, and began to think of all the good things of B before. 

Therefore, after marriage, you will find that the relationship between husband and wife is the weakest of all intimate relationships. If there is an impulse, it must be a chain reaction brought by passion. If you ask me, will I fall in love with someone else after I get married? The answer is yes, but in order to be responsible to my husband, I will not have further contact and development, and will maintain a safe distance to guard the existing marriage.

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