You need to know some sweet quotes in love for your boyfriend

The girl is saying some sweet quoates to her boyfriend

To be honest, if a relationship can last long, it must give you
a fresh feeling on every time. But how to keep fresh is a great challenge for
us. There, I’m going to illustrate you sweet
love quotes to express your love to your boyfriend love in the

1. I just think you are very sweet and
want to taste your whole body.

2. The two most wonderful things in life
are you and making love with you.

3. What do you want to eat tonight? Hot
pot? Beef? Or can it be me ?

4. There are three things I want to do
most in my life. That I love you. Love you. And make love with you.

5. Lend me 5 dollars to buy strawberries.
Then I will return them to your neck.

6. My bed is neither too big nor too
small, plus one for you is just right.

7. I didn’t slept well at all last night”.
If you asked me, “What’s the matter”. I would answer to you, “The quilt is too
light to hold my thought back of missing you”.

8.I suspect that you are a book. Because
the more I read it, the much more I fall asleep.

9. You are like my mobile phone, because I
can’t do anything without you.

10.My quilt is fragrant, soft and
comfortable. Would you like to cover it with me?

11. Before, I
only wanted to see the stars and the moon with you, but now I just want to keep
you out of bed.

12. I like the
way you blush, and I like the way you panting.

13. Take the
initiative, we not only have stories but also children!

It’s boring to grow flowers, let’s grow

15. I hope you
take the initiative, maybe we are not on the list, but the bed.

16.You are pressed under the
arms that I hold in my heart.

You are a soft spring, entered my hard

18. I want to
measure my waist with my legs.

Your bed is not too big, and I’m
afraid to sleep alone.

You can slap me like a cat, rub my hair from
the top of your head, rub your fingers on my back and waist slowly, making me
make a sound that will make me shy even if I hear it, or slap me from behind
Hold your arms, gently scratch my belly with your hands, kiss my ears and hair,
let me relax my guard and then soften in your arms. I miss you so much, especially
now, when the wind is blowing outside, my quilt is a bit cold.

All love words are essentially
expressing your feelings for each other, and in many people’s ideas, it should
be a boy’s thing to say sweet words, because only women love to listen to love
words. In fact, you are wrong. Men’s expectation and love for sweet talk is no
less than that of women. However, straightforward expressions like “I love
you” are just entry-level expressions.

There is a saying: It’s not
because your love words are touching that I will fall in love with you, but because I love you,
every word you say is touching
. If you think about this sentence carefully, you will understand that
things like “I like you, I love you” should never be said in love.
You have to let the other person know that “I love you” is a very
cherished word here, and you won’t easily say it to anyone. The more you don’t
get it, the more he wants it. Only in this way, when you finally say these
three words to him, he will have a feeling of ecstasy.

On the contrary, if you say
love to the other party not long after you met, it will make him feel too easy
to get it, and lose the pleasure of successful conquest. At the same time, when
you speak your love words or actions to the heart of the other person, they can
truly become your emotional warming catalyst.

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