Will sex without a condom get STDs?

Will sex without a condom get STDs? Condoms are a good method of contraception and can prevent sexually transmitted diseases. But most men don’t like to use condoms when they have sex. Instead, they choose extracorporeal ejaculation or safe-period contraception, which results in unintended pregnancy. What causes men to dislike condoms. Will sex without a condom get STDs?
Will sex without a condom get STDs? Under normal circumstances, as long as two people are in good health, they will not get STDs if they do not wear a condom during sex. But now AIDS has become the most repercussive disease among STDs. AIDS is mainly spread through sexual contact. In order to reduce the risk of AIDS, it is better to wear condoms during sex. This is a kind of prevention of AIDS. The most important means. However, some men don’t like to wear condoms in order to get a perfect sexual experience. In fact, it will increase the risk of AIDS, especially if there are multiple sexual partners. In the process of sexual life, the correct use of quality condoms can avoid direct contact with sexual partners’ body fluids, and then reduce the risk of AIDS. The use of condoms is now the only way to prevent sexually transmitted diseases and AIDS between the sexes.
Will sex without a condom get STDs? Will I be infected with AIDS while wearing a condom?
Many people now know the dangers of AIDS. People who have had unclean sex will worry all day about whether they have AIDS, which will seriously affect their normal life and work. Under normal circumstances, wearing a condom is a means to reduce the risk of AIDS, but it does not mean that you will not get AIDS at all. Using some condoms of substandard quality will also increase the risk of AIDS. The correct way to prevent AIDS for these people is to go to the hospital for AIDS testing in time, so that you can confirm whether you have been infected. To test for AIDS, you must go to a large formal hospital and find a professional to test it, so that you can be safe. 
Will sex without a condom get STDs? HIV is generally infected through blood and semen, and condom measures can prevent both parties from being infected during sex.
Some little knowledge about condoms:
Will sex without a condom get STDs? Condoms are a means of protecting the urethra, glans and foreskin from contact with body fluids containing HIV. Even if the condom does not cover the entire penis, but only covers the body fluids in contact with the glans and foreskin, it can still play a protective role. There is no damaged condom that meets the quality standard. It has been biologically proven to prevent HIV infection 100%. Therefore, for your own health and safety, it is best to take condom measures to prevent AIDS. 
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