Will my affair partner miss me?

they are going to sex without thinking Will my affair partner miss me?

Will my affair partner
miss me? Some women fall into extramarital affairs
because they are lost for a while. Extramarital affairs often have only two
endings, one is always clinging and the other is waking up. So when a woman
wakes up in an extramarital affair, will she still fall in love with her lover?

1. Ms. Cheng:

Will my affair partner
miss me? I used to complain about my husband in
marriage. Dislike my husband who is not tall enough, dislike my husband not
earning enough, dislike my husband not romantic enough and gentle enough.

At that time, I was very angry and felt that
I was worthy of a better life, so I was too dissatisfied with my husband. After
5 years of marriage, I found a lover outside of marriage. At that time, I was
triumphant and felt that I was very attractive. I was married, and I could find someone who loved me again outside of marriage.

But then I found something was wrong.
Extramarital lovers often look very tender and romantic. But this kind of
tenderness and romance simply cannot stand the test of facts.

Will my affair partner
miss me? I once told an extramarital lover that I had
some changes in my life and I needed to borrow some money from him. I wanted to
test if he was sincere to me, and wondered if he would not hesitate when I was
in trouble. Reach out to me.

As a result, after he learned that I was
going to borrow money from him, he immediately began to pretend not to know me.
What he did made me deeply chilled. I finally woke up and my extramarital lover
was simply unreliable. After I woke up, I
wouldn’t be reluctant to give up
this kind of lover, because I think
unreliable men are not worthy of nostalgia.

2. Ms. Xie:

Will my affair partner
miss me? I was very stupid and naive at the time. I
found a lover outside of marriage. I always thought that the lover outside of
marriage really loved me. I was so stupid to believe that there will be true
love in extramarital affairs.

My husband and I have always had a bad
relationship. We are improvised couples, improvised couples, after many years
of marriage, I have become less and less reluctant to talk to my husband.

Will my affair partner
miss me? At that time, my work was smooth and I
had no worries about
food and clothing. The only thing I was dissatisfied
with was my marriage. I always wanted to find someone I really like to have a
relationship with. It was under the bewilderment of this kind of thinking that
I had something outside marriage Lover.

At that time, I thought that my extramarital
lover was sincere to me and thought he would divorce and marry me. But I have
been with him for two years and he has not divorced.

He verbally promised me a divorce countless
times. In order to test whether what he said is true or false, I secretly
followed him. Many times I found him taking his wife and children to the
streets happily.

my affair partner miss me?
He is a big liar at all. He not only deceived
me and said he was going to get a divorce, but he also secretly cheated me out
of 50,000 yuan. Cut off relations with him completely, never think of this man
again, I am ashamed of my stupidity.

Women are often involved in extramarital
affairs because of emotion. When they wake up, they will no longer be reluctant
to love their lover, and will quickly make a clean break with their lover. They
already understand that their lover is not sincere at all, and they have
already seen through the affair.

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