Will my affair partner miss me? 9 characteristics you should know

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Will my affair partner miss me? A follower cried to me: “I fell in love
with a man out of marriage for two years. He was kind to me before, almost
obedient. Now he has changed and he is hiding from me. I learned from his
friend that he found another Okay. I was so angry that I scolded him severely.

After scolding, I regretted it, it was not worth it, and
he was not worthy of letting me scold. In fact, I don’t know what
I really love him,
or it may be me not. Reconciled. I just wanted to meet
him and listen to what he said. Even if he said a word he didn’t love, I would
completely give up. But he just didn’t say anything, didn’t block black, didn’t
delete, and didn’t contact. It became very cold-blooded. Extramarital affairs
are easy to get in, but too difficult to get out.”

Will my affair partner miss me? This is one of the most
significant characteristics
of extramarital affairs: “It is easy to
get in, but difficult to get out.” In addition, there are 8 other
characteristics of extramarital affairs.

1. Let people get confused

2. Love is very humble, the whole person has no
self-confidence, and often suffers from gains and losses

3. The mood is very depressed, and it is easy to think
wildly when alone

4. Increased possessiveness, always wanting to keep track
of each other’s whereabouts all day long.

5. Will
my affair partner miss me?
I don’t think it’s
right. The extramarital affairs are different from the imaginary love. I want
to leave in time, but I can’t get out of it. It’s like falling into a swamp,
the more you struggle, the deeper you sink.

6. Understand the principles and get confused when
starting something

7, love is very painful, every day clamoring to end.
Reluctant to separate, and want to separate every day, but in the end they
didn’t separate. Addicted, can’t quit

8. The mind is out of control, entangled in love and not love every day. The love is too deep, fall in, can’t get

Will my affair partner miss me? To be honest, women are not naturally
suitable for extramarital affairs. Because women often imagine illusory beauty
as perfect “love”.

Forget about love, forget the family, forget the
children, and forget their “married” status. She loved each other
wholeheartedly, and in the end she was bruised all over by him. The
extramarital affair was not discovered, so he returned to his home, living a
normal life while healed himself with time. Those who were found, some chose to
divorce, some were beaten up, and some were re-accepted by their families,
because they felt guilty and lived very carefully.

Will my affair partner miss me? Extramarital love is difficult to
have a relatively happy ending, and it is extremely risky to bring a family to
fall in love. Men are realism, do you know why men choose to get married? There
is a very good answer online: “A man who can get married without getting
married must be bothered, because he doesn’t want to be responsible to you. The
reason why a man gets married must be tired of playing and want to find a good
wife and mother. “For men: marriage is not easy to tie, and it is not easy
to understand. Therefore, no matter how good the woman outside is and how hard
she loves, it is hard to escape the man’s reason and reality.

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