Will my affair partner miss me? 5 signs of men

he knows that "Will my affair partner miss me? 5 signs of men "

The word
derailment seems to have its own “adrenal hormone”. Whether it is a
star derailment or a hotly debated plot in a film and television drama, anyway,
it can drive a wave of criticism again and again, which is enough to show how
much people hate derailment in real life. Who didn’t experience the shocking
heartbeats and deer bumps when they met, and everyone hoped that life was just
like first time. Will my affair partner miss me?
5 signs of men.

No one can easily accept betrayal, and no one wants their
feelings to be only a fraction of the other’s. The best way to avoid sadness
and harm is to identify men who are prone to cheating. So how to identify which
men might cheat? I have summarized the following points. Will my affair partner miss me?

1. Love to play,
understand romance, high emotional intelligence

Because such a man is attractive, there will be more
pursuers, and there will be a lot of natural choice. If you go through the
flowers and leave the leaves alone, you must have a high degree of
self-discipline. Few people can do it. Although men with high EQ will not
necessarily cheat, it is true. Men who will cheat generally have higher EQs,
because they have to walk in two or more relationships, and balance requires unusual abilities. And

2. Central air
conditioning is warm to everyone

my affair partner miss me? The more men don’t mind these small
details, the more likely they are to be ambiguous or cheating on others. Most
men are reluctant to admit that they have such thoughts, but it is difficult to
deny that these are subconscious. This kind of man, previously called
“fraternity”, is now called “central air-conditioning”. It
is really good for everyone, I am afraid it will be bad for you in the future.

3. Show off more,
but also quite narcissistic

my affair partner miss me
? There is a kind of man. When you first
meet him, you may think he is very bullish, but after getting along for a long
time, you will find that he is not bullish, but bragging. Bragging men are more
narcissistic, and generally feel that they are special, so they should be
different. He will use multiple relationships to prove his masculine charm. When
they are in love, they tend to value themselves more, do not take into account
the feelings of the other person, and even constantly look for women who
recognize themselves, and these women who have had contact with them will
become their “records” for showing off. .

4. Nostalgia, keep
too many things related to the predecessor

my affair partner miss me? If you have started a new relationship,
the most responsible
approach to the current
one is to cut the connection with the past.

However, many people always use the name of
“nostalgia” and refuse to organize their own feelings. They are
always disconnected from the previous feelings. They probably hold the idea
that if their ex looks back, there is still a chance to continue their
relationship. . Nostalgia and longing are actually irresponsible to the
incumbent. Therefore, those who are nostalgic, really have to be careful, don’t
let him be wrapped in a coat of nostalgia and derailed in
an open manner.

5. Love to make
excuses, not strong sense of responsibility

my affair partner miss me? People who love to make excuses always
like to put the blame on others, always feel that the mistakes are all others,
and the grievances are all their own. Whether the sense of responsibility is
strong or not, it can be seen from the details of daily dealings that there are
always conflicts in work and life. No sense of responsibility means
selfishness. He values himself more than the interests of others. The
difference is that a responsible man will support you when the sky falls, while
a man who is not responsible must support him when the sky falls.

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