Will my affair partner miss me? 4 minds of women

they are lying on the bed with Will my affair partner miss me

The most fundamental reason for
women having extramarital affairs is that the couple has a relationship
problem. It may be that the couple does not have deep feelings, or the woman
itself has an element of instability. Then, what kind of mentality a woman in
an extramarital affair will have, let you reveal one by one! Will my affair partner miss me? 4
minds of women.

1.Entanglement and fear, but can’t stop

my affair partner miss me? The origin of this
kind of female extramarital affairs is mainly because there is love between husband and wife, but the emotion is not deep enough, and the
emotion is not satisfied. At the same time, they are unwilling to give up their
current lover and family, so they let other men take advantage of the void to
make up for the emotional emptiness. In this case, the extramarital affair that
occurs in the woman will be sweet at first, but when it develops to a certain
level, she will be very entangled and scared. The entanglement is that this
shouldn’t happen, feeling sad for the husband, and worrying that the secret
will be leaked. I lost my husband and family, but I couldn’t do without the
sweetness and satisfaction of extramarital affairs.

2. A mentality of acting on the spot

my affair partner miss me? The root of this
kind of women’s
extramarital affairs lies in the uneasy factors in their
bones. They don’t give true feelings, but just want to find excitement outside,
or their husbands can’t give them the satisfaction they need, so they go to
other men to get it. This kind of woman still loves her husband and puts her
family and her husband first. But although she still loves her husband, she is
betraying her husband.

3. A relatively numb state of mind

my affair partner miss me? Such a woman’s
extramarital affairs, when an extramarital affair occurs, she is not afraid to
be someone else’s argument, nor is she afraid of her husband’s knowledge. The
root cause of her numb mentality is that there is no relationship between the
husband and wife, so she is not afraid that her husband will know about it and cause divorce. risks of. For such a
woman, the existence of marriage is not important, she is just pursuing her
love and getting rid of the current dilemma.

4. A mentality of revenge

my affair partner miss me? This kind of women’s
extramarital affairs can be said to have something to do with love. They did
this to retaliate against their husbands, because she discovered that her
husband had betrayed herself, and she also used this unreasonable way to gain
psychological balance and use it to fight against The husband punishes.

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