Will my affair partner miss me? 3 steps for you

they are hugging each other without "Will my affair partner miss me?"

Will my affair partner
miss me? There are three
modes of getting along the most unbearable for men. One is to talk
provocatively, the other is to never give a man face, and the third is to use
breakups to threaten them. If you think that a man treats a woman as a
princess, you have to tolerate and accommodate unconditionally and without a
bottom line. This kind of cognition is actually a kind of ignorance.

Step 1: Converge emotionally, rationally analyze male psychology

Will my affair partner
miss me? In fact, men
decide to break up
after careful consideration, but most of the time,
breaking up is still a false temptation, because he still holds compound ideas
in his heart. Therefore, the first thing that needs to be done is to accurately
identify the true and false breakups, not to save themselves. When you contact
him, no matter how resisted or indifferent the other person is, as long as he
does not refuse your contact, it means that he hasn’t completely let go. The
chance of recovery is still very high.

Step 2: Self-reflection, thinking about the core reasons for breaking up

Will my affair partner
miss me? At the beginning
of a breakup, one often enters an extreme emotional stage, that is, an
irrational state. In this state, what the two parties say and do are often
emotional and irrational. In fact, the feelings that two people have
accumulated from coming together are real. Therefore, the relationship between
the two people will temporarily be in an emotional state after the breakup. If at this time, you want to have a rational dialogue,
it is very challenging. Therefore, you need to be calm, and you must also know
how to give the other person space to calm down. Thinking and reviewing the
details of getting along, digging into the essence of the contradiction,
finding out the core issue of your breakup, and even guiding the other party to
express their inner thoughts and open the knot during the recovery process.
These are all tasks that must be completed in the recovery process.

Step 3: Reinvent yourself and change the way of getting along

Will my affair partner
miss me? If you maintain a
low-attractive, low-value state for a long time, men are likely to have
aversion, and their tolerance and consideration for you will decrease. Men are
more rational thinking, they will unconsciously measure the ratio of pay and
return. And smart women are good at putting themselves in the position of
prizes for men to fight for. Therefore, after a relationship problem occurs,
don’t get entangled in recovery, expose too much sense of need, and give him
time to calm down and reminisce. In this way, you also have a certain time to
enter the transformation period and complete self-building.

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