Will my affair partner miss me? 3 mentalities of men

he is kissing her without thinking "Will my affair partner miss me?‘’

Why do men go to
extramarital affairs? This is a concern for many women. After all, from the
moment of marriage, I hope that the other half will be the same for myself. But
in real life, some men failed to keep the bottom line after all, and eventually
broke their oath and hurt their marriage.
In extramarital affairs, men generally have these three kinds of psychology. Will my affair partner miss me? 3
mentalities of men

1. Born to be

my affair partner miss me? A man with a passionate nature, even if he
gets married, he can’t settle down. He still goes his own way and doesn’t know
how to restrain himself. A man like this, who speaks swearing, is willing to only love you for the rest of his life and always treat you well, but he
will turn around to find another woman and speak the same sweet words. In their
eyes, husband and wife are a symbol, even if they betray each other, they will
not feel guilty. Therefore, knowing that I have a wife and a family, I let
myself go, spending time and drinking outside, and repeatedly developing
extramarital affairs. A man who is inherently restless is used to thinking of
feelings as a game, and when one loves one, no one wants to keep his heart.

2. Pursue

my affair partner miss me? Looking at marriages in real life, we will
find that most of the men who touch extramarital affairs will not divorce their
wives, and are unwilling to give up their families for the sake of their
lovers. For them, lovers
are freshness
and the flavoring of ordinary life. Most men like to change.
When the enthusiasm is no longer and the marriage life is like a stagnant
water, they will want to find passion outside.

3. Unhappy

my affair partner miss me? Some men are obsessed with extramarital
affairs, simply dissatisfied with the marriage in front of them. Because he
couldn’t get what he wanted from his wife, he turned to seek comfort from other
women. When a man does not feel the warmth
and presence in marriage
, he will inevitably form a rebellious psychology.
That is to say, the better his wife, the more upset he feels, and the more
obedient his wife is to him, the more he will regard it as full of malice and
become increasingly bored with his wife. Under this kind of psychology, he will
urgently want to breathe outside of marriage, so that he can regain his
happiness and sense of worth. But you must know that there is no impermeable
wall in the world, and extramarital affairs, no matter what kind of psychology,
are undesirable.

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