Will my affair partner miss me? 2 reasons tell you

he is kissing her without "Will my affair partner miss me? "

Young people yearn for a stimulating life, while those
over half a century want a peaceful and peaceful life. So for middle-aged
people, extramarital affairs are actually products that shouldn’t occur. But
according to the survey, among 70% of the cheating crowd, 40% are middle-aged.
Why do you still want to develop extramarital affairs after half of your life? Will my affair partner miss me? 2 reasons tell you.

1. The
relationship between husband and wife has entered a bottleneck period and it is
difficult to develop further.

Will my affair partner
miss me? The
relationship between
people is either constantly growing or declining. No
relationship will not change. Generally speaking, within three years of
marriage, it is the best time for a couple’s relationship. After three years,
if the relationship between the two is not maintained, there may be problems in
the marriage. Within ten years, couples can maintain their relationship through
travel, communication, children, etc. However, in middle age, couples have been
married for more than ten years, and the relationship will not be able to break

2. The married
life is too plain, lacking passion and freshness.

my affair partner miss me
? When marriage enters the state of an old
couple, the sense of rituals, surprises and romances in life will gradually
disappear. Because at this time, both sides feel that their relationship with
each other has deepened and they will no longer be separated. When people start
to have such thoughts, the relationship between husband and wife is prone to
problems. There is no sense of ritual in life, life is no longer full of
passion, and there will be a gap compared with the previous life.

When life is flat, what the couple need to face is the
trivial things in life. Those who didn’t care about it will start to care

Will my affair partner
miss me? Contradictions between husbands and wives have increased,
and the two look alike, and the embarrassment can be tolerated at first, but
after a few years, who else wants
such a marriage
? And because I have been married for many years, I don’t
want to divorce, but it is very possible to have an extramarital affairs.

Will my affair partner
miss me? If a marriage wants to be happy, it must be maintained
for a long time. If there is a problem in the relationship between the husband
and wife, of course a third party will appear. Therefore, even if you are
middle-aged, don’t neglect your lover. The elderly can also have a colorful
marriage life.

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