Will my affair partner miss me?4 answers for you

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For the word “love”, the focus is different
before and after marriage. The love of some couples used to be really romantic,
but in the end they lost to the dismal marriage. Perhaps, it’s not that you
don’t love each other deeply, but you may encounter accidents no matter how
deeply you love each other.
Will my affair partner miss me? 4 answers for you.

my affair partner miss me? Nowadays, there are more and more
infidelities and extramarital affairs, almost without warning, it is not an
exaggeration to describe it as “accident”. Extramarital affairs have
become the
biggest change in marriag
e, and a loss of heart is enough to trigger a
chain reaction, and then destroy the trust of the couple or the marriage. Only
those who have really broken their hearts will understand the taste of the

1. Dream effect
and guessing effect

my affair partner miss me? The dream effect is relatively simple.
When a cheating person wakes up, they often feel as if they are in a dream. At
the intersection of one thing and another, the dream effect will also come into
play. This is an effect of continuous self-suggestion. For those who cheat,
there will even be a warm illusion of “falling in love with two people at
the same time”. Just like dreaming, dreaming of a person will make that
person very close the next day. Under the influence of the dream effect, the
words of outsiders can easily cause high-intensity speculation
by the derailed person,
which will consume energy. They are always afraid
that the dream is empty, afraid that the dream will be broken, afraid of being
discovered by others.

2. The fluke
effect and the turning back effect

my affair partner miss me? These two effects are even simpler. Anyone
who does anything unrealistic will have a fluke-like psychology at play. The
derailed person, no matter how much confidence he has, there is a fluke
mentality deep in his heart. In terms of extramarital affairs, there is also a
certain “bottom line” for cheating people, that is, if the road
fails, there is still room for turning back. The psychological
of this “double line” is the turning back effect. This is
also happening in a subtle way, and the derailed person himself is not aware of
it. For all people who cheat, as long as that person has a fluke, he will
definitely be affected by the turning back effect.

3. Completion
effect and death-hearted effect

my affair partner miss me? The fulfillment effect and the death-hearted
effect are a kind of final “instinct” effect. We often say that
“a person will die and his words are good.” In fact, this is also the
fulfillment effect at play. When a person feels that he can no longer
“change his destiny”, he will give up the pursuit of
“everything”. This is similar to the performance of giving up, because it is no longer “incompetent”,
so it is always easy to get close.

Self-certification effect and tank breaking effect

my affair partner miss me? Everyone has their own weaknesses, which
can be regarded as a kind of “stupid”. The greatest stupidity in a person’s life is to deny himself. After being hurt to a certain extent by
extramarital affairs, you will become stupid. That is a kind of stupidity that
one does not realize, this kind of stupidity is called self-fulfilling

my affair partner miss me? The pot breaking effect is a kind of
“fatalism” self-evidence process. This is the case in this life, and
can only break the jar, without even realizing the consequences. Therefore,
many tragedies caused by emotional disputes can be explained by this effect. In
the subtlety, even life doesn’t care.

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