So sad why a guy reject me but he likes me

Boys refuse you
and actually like you. What makes some girls puzzled is that boys have a good
impression of themselves and often chat with themselves, and they also like
boys. When expressing that two people are together, they were rejected by the
boys, which is really disgusting. The minds of girls are always complicated.
When girls refuse, they always make girls think about it. So,
what is the real
intention of the boy
who refuses you
and actually likes you?

Boys refuse
you but actually like you

1. Chat with you

Boys will often
ask you to chat. If you send a message, he will respond to you in seconds, or
in some cases, what you say is very concise and clear, and he will also respond
to you for a longer paragraph.

2. Care about you

Although the boy
has rejected your confession, he still cares about you silently because he
still has a good impression on you. He wants to know what you are doing
recently, but he won’t bother you easily.

3. Low mentality

He likes you,
but refuses you;
if he likes you, he must be uncomfortable in his heart, so he is likely to use alcohol
to sorrow, or rely on smoking to vent his negative emotions.

4. Always find
opportunities to associate with you

Boys will often
find some opportunities to associate with you alone, because he wants to dangle
in front of you more, so that you can have more good feelings for him.

Why do boys
like you and reject you?

1.     Not self-confident, afraid of not giving
the other party the future

Many thoughtful boys will
not make promises or start a relationship easily
when they are extremely affectionate and have a sense of responsibility.
They feel that their job is not stable enough, or their own business is still
on the rise, and they don’t have so much time and money. Or spend energy on

2.     He is not ready to fall in love

Because of
academic problems, too young or not fully out of the previous relationship, I
am afraid that this relationship will repeat the same mistakes.

3.     The boy is the “Sea King”

King” means the scumbag. The boy wants to step on two boats, the red flag
at home will not fall, and the colorful flags are fluttering outside; it is one
thing to like, and it is another thing to establish a relationship. For this
situation, even if it is Once
the relationship between
boy and girl friends is established
, he can’t give the girl any future. This kind of thing must be

4.     Family reasons

Because the
man’s or the woman’s parents’ obstruction is generally in most cases, some
families don’t like their children to marry a single-parent family, some are
because the parents want to match each other, and some are because the woman’s
family has bad behavior records, etc., which may cause the man. Choose to

In the end, it
is recommended that since boys like girls, they must boldly express their
thoughts. Since
two people love each
, they can
definitely overcome many difficulties together, so as to prevent the girl from
guessing. In the end, a good relationship is misunderstood. It’s a pity that it

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