Why men pull away after sex?

she is happy because the man doesn't pull away after sex?

men pull away after sex?
After knowing about the maintenance of
private parts and the exploration of sensitive belts, let’s enter the
teen foreplay steps together in playful relationship!

During the sex process, did you do a good
job of foreplay?
Why men pull away
after sex?
Especially for girls, having foreplay will make them
easier to relax and look forward to the next
sex in playful
In addition to general physiological phenomena, the
methods to trigger female sexual desire often come from the realization of
intimacy. For example, caressing, embracing, kissing, etc., let her feel your
love and tenderness. So how can foreplay and
teen foreplay be done in playful relationship?

men pull away after sex?
The doctor mentioned that girls actually
have a lot of sensitive belts from head to toe. You can try to talk to her ear,
kiss her neck, or massage her, it will
make her feel tingling
. Why men
pull away after sex?
Then, from the chest, belly button to the
pubic bone, while caressing, you will naturally feel her particularly sensitive
areas by
teen foreplay. In addition,
hearing and smell can also be taken care of. For example, playing a relaxing
music or lighting a scented candle can make each other get into the situation
faster in
playful relationship.

You can also try to get her clitoris or
nipple orgasm during
, but I also remind everyone that if you use your hands,
you must remember to cut your nails in
playful relationship! Why
men pull away after sex
The technique of referring to love is to
touch it with your fingertips, draw a circle very lightly and gently, you will
feel the clitoris will slowly expand by
teen foreplay. At this point, you can speed up and
watch her reaction in
. After all, everyone likes speed and strength are not
the same.

If you use the tongue, the effect is
certainly better than the fingers. Because the angle of the tongue is more and
softer. But remember to point gently, you can draw circles or lick up and down,
don’t use sucking by
! As an old saying goes, everyone’s body is different,
“When she responds, I believe you will know what to do in

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