Why do you want to make him treat you like a queen?

she can feel that make him treat you like a queen

Why do you want to make him treat you
like a queen? To make him treat you like a queen, you must first
learn to “love yourself”. In intimate relationships, many people
sometimes feel the torment of “low value”. For example, I feel that I
am unworthy of a lover, are not qualified to have a happy love, and worry about losing each other every day; or I
rarely dare to make demands with my lover.

In my heart, I
think he doesn’t care about you so much, even if he says his needs, he won’t be
satisfied; there is still endless tolerance for the other half. Even if the
subject is overdoing something, you will try to make him treat you like a queen.

Let me share my
understanding of “low value” and how to deal with it, which has been
helpful to you in the past.

Why do you want to make him treat you
like a queen?

The first reason is that you rarely get your parents’ attention.

Such you will
subtly think that you are bad and not worthy of being treated well. How
confident a child is, to some extent depends on how much his parents care about
him. If parents have been caring for them since childhood and need to be
satisfied in time, then children can slowly accumulate a sense of value to make him treat you like a queen. Deep down in his
heart, he will feel: “Mum and Dad love me so much, it shows that I am good
and important.” He feels confident when he gets along with others. Going
back to the example, her parents have been busy with business outside since she
was a child, and basically didn’t have time to care about her. Sometimes she clamored
to let her parents play with her, and she would be severely taught. When there is always a lack of response to
attachment needs, she slowly develops the notion: “I am terrible and not
worthy of being taken seriously.” She becomes more and more inferior and
afraid to make demands to make him treat you like a queen.

If you continue to
dig deeper, you will find that inferiority complex is also a kind of
self-protection. We were helpless because we were children. The problem of lack
of love cannot be solved without the care of parents. In order to reduce inner
pain, you can only think of yourself badly, not worthy of being treated well.
By lowering our sense of self-worth, we can gradually accept the reality to make him treat you like a queen.

The emotional
absence of the parents collapsed. In intimate relationship, she also
subconsciously continued this pattern. If she believes that she is worthless
and does not deserve
the care and
care of her lover, she will not ask for too much, and then she
will feel sad because her wish has failed.

The second reason is that there is a double standard in the

On the one hand, I
add a rose-colored filter to the other person, thinking that he is excellent in
every aspect; on the other hand, I look at myself with the harshest eyes and
see all the problems and deficiencies. When the balance of value is too
inclined towards lovers, we will naturally feel very humble and even seem
unworthy of this relationship to make him treat you like a queen.

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