Why do people like dogs?

Dog—An Important Part in Your Life

1.Dogs are pure and innocent.

When they are hungry, they will eat food. When they are sleepy, they will take a nap and have a rest.

Wherever you go, it must make sure that you are always within its sight. Whoever you are, it will never abandon you and leave you. It don’t care about how rich you are, what it focuses on is you. If you would like to let it accompany you , he will always be by your side.

2.Dog will be forever loyal to you.

Like the movie Hachi is a best example.

If you lose you temper to it, it may be sad for a while. But after a while, it will come over to play with you. No matter how tired or sleepy it is, it will always smile to you. If you call its name, it will immediately rush to you. Look at your eyes forever. Whenever you work and wherever you go, it will always wait for you to go back home.

In those words, it may not be your whole world, but you are its whole world.

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