Why do men have a short sex?

she knows why do men have a short sex?

The degree of harmony in sex is a very important thing,
it is related to the feelings of the husband and wife, but also related to
physical health. Men and women have different time of satisfaction in their
short sex because of their
different physiological structures. Why do some men persist in sex for a short
period of time
sex jokes short?

Why do men have a short sex?

1. Lack of physical strength in short sex

Sex is a very physically demanding thing, especially for
men, because most men occupy a dominant position in their sex and require a
certain amount of physical strength
body shorts sex. Some men are weaker and have severely
inadequate physical strength, so there is no way to persist in sex for a
particularly long time.

2. There is a
disease in the body in
short sex

Some men are deeply troubled by diseases, some are
chronic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension, and some are diseases of
the reproductive system directly related to male sexuality. These diseases may
cause men to become
powerless in their sex
and fail to deliver a satisfactory answer to their
partner. If you have sexual dysfunction such as impotence and premature
ejaculation, you will not be able to successfully complete your sex.

3. Relationship
problems in
short sex

Sexual life is not something that can go on smoothly with
desire alone, it must be maintained by emotion. If the relationship between two
people is very poor and they often have conflicts, then there will be no perfect fit in their sex, and the male will rush and don’t want to take it

4. The influence
of frigidity in
short sex

Some men will experience a decline in sexual desire due
to many factors, and they do not want to have sex even if the sex begins, but
they want to end it quickly. If women become sexually frigid, women will be
very numb during sex, which will affect men’s interest, and naturally they will
not last long in sex.

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