Why do dogs have such short lifespans?

I have some understandings of the fact that dogs have shorter life spans than humans. It  comes from a little wolf  named “Two”.

 When I was in elementary school, I bred a wolf  at home. It was only a few months old at the time, and it accompanied me for several years.



In 2008, when I was in elementary school, my father’s friend brought a little wolf dog to the family. In the evening, I went home from school and was very happy to see the little wolf dog in the house. Because it is the second child of its mother, I named it “Two”. 

In this way, I started a happy time with my little wolf. Every time I go home from school and finish my homework, I will play with it for about an hour. 

I will do my best to provide the best care for the dog. When it tears down the house, I educate. When  it gets sick, I take care of it.
As this little wolfhound grows up, I find that it is different from other dogs. It is very relative, but also very easily excited. When going out to walk the dog, it will not stop for a moment, not playing with other dogs. , Just to find someone to play with, when I am at home, it will stick to me every moment.
Slowly it grew up, although it was old, it was still very energetic. Until one day, I came back from school.
That night, it suddenly had a heart attack and left me. The doctor said it was congenital and could not be treated.
After it left, I suddenly understood why it was so excited and why it didn’t stop for a moment. I thought, it wanted to see the world more in a limited time, or accompany me more!

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