Why did she kiss me if we are just friends or not?

she is thinking why did she kiss me if we are just friends?

did she kiss me if we are just friends? Is
kissing an instinct or is it acquired? You may get a simple and straightforward
answer to the question of “why kiss”: because of curiosity, because
of want, because it is a necessary foreplay to tear down…

data shows that 93% of women want their
lover to kiss he
r, and at least 90% of men are eager to kiss their favorite
woman. There is a saying that kissing is based on instinct, because animals
also have similar kissing behaviors and use their mouths to express emotions.

did she kiss me if we are just friends? Indian
“Kamasutra”, pottery from South America and other materials record
that gorillas often kiss, and African pygmy chimpanzees even kiss with tongue,
which proves that kissing has occurred long before humans appeared. Desmond
Morris in the United Kingdom linked kissing and feeding in his book
“Intimate Behavior”. He believes that human kissing evolved from the action of primate mothers feeding their
toddlers mouth-to-mouth Come. In the face of wailing children waiting to be
fed, this mouth-to-mouth feeding method of mothers can greatly comfort the
children, and it is a way of expressing love.

did she kiss me if we are just friends? Humans
gradually developed more passionate ways from this prototype, and evolved into
more than 108 kisses that we have today. He wrote: If young couples feel the
comfort of their mother’s mouth feeding while exploring each other’s mouths
with their tongues, it will increase mutual
trust and bond.

researchers tend to believe that kissing is an extension of the behavior of
young children sucking their mother’s breasts. Nick Fisher (NickFisher) said:
Although people do not remember the scene of sucking their mother’s breasts,
there are a lot of hints of related feelings deep in their hearts; without this
sucking kiss, you will become insecure , Can’t feel the love around me.
Therefore, as adults, people continue to express affection through kissing,
which can evoke happy memories in people’s hearts.

did she kiss me if we are just friends? In
fact, kissing can help us find the right partner. When two people are kissing
and embracing each other, they are opening themselves unreservedly, exchanging
each other’s breath, taste, skin texture, secrets and emotions.

mouth is the most sensitive part of people, and it is full of sensory nerves
that connect to the pleasant center of the brain. Scientists believe that
“kissing involves a very complex information exchange between the sense of
smell and touch.” A romantic and emotional kiss will increase the love-related
oxytocin in the human body, transmit tactile sensations, sexual excitement,
intimacy, etc., and then produce People’s intoxicated psychological
satisfaction enhances happiness.

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