Whether you should know how to please your boyfriend in bed?

The girl is pleaseing her boyfriend on the bed

Please is an indispensable process in sex life, and its role is
not only to provoke women’s desires. It can allow each other to make adequate
preparations, from mental to physical, and make perfect preparations for the
next step. In addition, men themselves also have sexually sensitive areas and
require proper please to enter a good state. Women’s touch and teasing will
make men excited, and at the same time, they are also affirmation of their own
charm. So, whether women need to know how to please their boyfriend in bed for sex?

Please has always been mentioned about what a man does
for a woman. The man is the active party and the provider; while the woman is
the passive party and the receiver. In fact, men are the same, they also need
women to provide him with high-quality please. In this way, whether it is the
early stage or the ejaculation process, men will get more pleasure. Therefore,
women must also learn to offer.

Generally speaking, men like to go straight to the
subject, while women are slow and hot. This is determined by innate factors.
Therefore, men do not need please themselves, please is for women. In addition,
men sacrifice themselves for this. Because once a man has an erection, he still
performs please for a woman, the time the penis stays in the vagina will be
shortened. Therefore, the real time of intercourse will also be reduced.

But from the facts, men also need to “buffer.”
Because in real life, there are not a few people who are confused for please.
At the same time, there are indeed many people who think that men do not need please,
and it is a pleasure to go straight to the subject. Actually, this is a
misunderstanding. From a purely physiological point of view, most men are
indeed easier to enter the state than women. Therefore, in theory, men’s demand
for please is certainly not as strong as women.

Therefore, there will be some women who treat please in a
perfunctory manner. In fact, even if the man made a little sacrifice for this,
good sex is the result of the joint efforts of both
But in fact, men also need women’s
initiative. Women should learn how to please their partner.

There is some truth to this statement. Generally women
only enjoy the please brought by men, but rarely bring men into please. In
fact, men also hope to get feedback from their partners during sex. Because
whether the please is successful will also affect whether a man can start sex
in the best state, and ultimately affect his performance during sex.

At the same time, giving men sufficient please will make
their penile erections more full, longer persistence, and greater intensity
during orgasm.

In addition, please will also make sex life full of changes, allowing each
other to enjoy the process of sex more. Therefore, women should stop simply and
passively enjoying each other’s please, and take action on their own.

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