When can you not have a free sex?

she knows when can't have a free sex

can you not have a free sex? Sex maintains the
feelings between husband and wife. When the sex is harmonious, it can heat up
the feelings. Some men will make love by drinking alcohol. In fact, they cannot have sex after drinking.

can you not have a free sex? After drinking, people are in a short-lived state of
excitement or rough behavior, because the rhythm is too fast and the energy is
too concentrated, which can also cause premature ejaculation in men. Alcohol
damages the nerves, heart, and liver. During sex, the nervous system is in a
highly excited state, and the sex organs will become congested, thus damaging
the sex organs. Alcohol can also cause abnormal sperm development in men, which
affects the vitality and morphology of sperm and reduces fertility. In
addition, drinking alcohol will reduce sexual desire, affect the feelings
between husband and wife
, and cause sexual boredom.

Under what
circumstances can you not have sex?

1. Eat too much

can you not have a free sex? If you eat too much, the gastrointestinal tract will need
more energy for digestion and absorption, and the blood flowing to the
gastrointestinal tract will increase, while the blood flowing to the sex organs
will decrease, which affects the erection of the penis and sexual feelings.
Through research, it has been found that in order to maintain penis durability
during sex, there must be a variety of organs to cooperate. Testosterone is
essential to arouse male sexual desire and complete the erection of the penis.
Unhealthy and overeating can inhibit the secretion of testosterone.

2. You can’t have
sex when you are overjoyed and sad

can you not have a free sex? Harmony and perfect sex is very important. When the emotions are strongly stimulated,
the nerves will be released quickly, the muscles will be in a state of
contraction, and the secretion of glands will be increased, causing men to
experience increased heartbeat, headaches or increased blood pressure. Sex
originally stimulates nerve excitement, if sex is carried out in a state of
sexual excitement, heartbeat or blood pressure will increase. Mild people will
have symptoms such as dizziness and palpitation, which may cause cardiovascular
disease, and even endanger the life and health of men.

3. Try not to have
sex while holding your urine

can you not have a free
? Male external
genitalia can excrete urine and semen and are in a state of sexual excitement.
If you endure urine for sex, the bladder will compress the organs around the
genitalia, which will induce prostate disease. When the sex life first
urinates, it will also distract the attention of the sex, thus affecting the
quality of the sex.

4. You can’t have
sex right after taking a shower

can you not have a free sex? The water temperature should be controlled at 35℃ when taking a bath before sex. Taking a warm
bath can increase nerves, thereby reducing the burden on the cardiovascular
system, and alleviating insomnia, skin itching and high blood pressure.
However, if you take a hot bath, you should have sex again for half an hour,
because then the skin temperature will be in a normal state, and it will not
affect sexual desire.

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