when a guy says he really likes you, judging from 4 parts

when a guy says he really likes her, his eyes show everything

my boyfriend really love me? “When a guy says he really likes you
, the body will subconsciously show various
signals.” The true love of love cannot be hidden. Even if you don’t say
anything, as long as the two get closer, it will be accompanied by the
secretion of love hormones, causing a series of physiological reactions. The
deeper the love, the more obvious these four physiological reactions.

1. Eyes: wherever you look, you are full of

my boyfriend really love me? When
a guy says he really likes you
, the most direct physiological reaction of someone who
truly loves you is to want to keep looking at you. Your every word and deed,
every frown, every move, every moment of agility wants to have a panoramic
view, and want to keep it in mind
when a man really loves you. When he stares at you, there is light in
his eyes, sometimes tender and watery, sometimes smiling, his eyes are firm and

means that his feelings for you are deeply affectionate and sincere. Just as
Duras once said: “A person who loves you will have pain in his eyes,
when a man really loves you. If
he doesn’t love you,
there is only desire.” When he doesn’t want to look
at you again, or his eyes start to change When he is cold, sometimes dodges,
and even his eyes are full of disgust, it means he doesn’t love you anymore.

2. Ear: listen to the ear, remember it in the

my boyfriend really love me?
When you truly love and care about a person,
you do not need to remind you deliberately. Every word you have said will be
heard in his ears and remembered in his heart.
When a guy says he really likes you, he will always be more attentive to you
than to himself. As if he has a pair of smooth ears, he can receive your broken
thoughts and unintentional words, and then give you warmth and surprises at the
appropriate time.

a guy says he really likes you
, he will buy you the desserts that he accidentally praises; when
a man really loves you
, he will buy the dresses that he wants but are not willing to buy; when a man really loves you, he will quietly and generously buy them; when a man really loves you, he will actively correct any complaints
against him. As long as he hears about you, he will always take it seriously.
Hearing a friend say that you are sick, he puts everything down and goes to see
the doctor with you; he hears that you are unhappy, and he will try to make you
fun to make you happy; he can’t help but laugh when he hears others praise you;
When others say that you are not good, you can’t help but maintain it for you.

3. Hands: holding hands are all warmth

my boyfriend really love me?
who love you,
whether walking, shopping, or going out for a long distance,
will subconsciously hold your hands and embrace you. This is not only a habit
of involuntarily wanting to be close, but also a kind of heartfelt love and
love. sweet.

hands clasping and embracing each other, or kissing and touching their heads
affectionately, clinging to each other and inseparable.
When a guy says he really likes you, a person who has you in his heart will use
his generous hands to hold you, protect you, hold you, and grow old with his

4. Heart: what the heart loves, and love
lasts forever

my boyfriend really love me?
I meet love
, I will miss her all the time, and when I see her, I will be
inexplicably happy and excited, my heart is pounding, and I am so nervous and
at a loss. When I fall in love with someone, it seems that I suddenly have a
weakness in my heart. I want to take care of the beloved person in everything,
resolve her worries and solve her difficulties, even if I help her do some
small things within my ability. I am excited and willing.

person who really loves you will always remember you in his heart, and will
embrace you everywhere. Use practical actions to care for your mood, take care
of your health, feel sorry for your contribution, and be willing to spend time
and mind for you.

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