What’s the hardest truth of life?

  1. One day, your body will “betray” you.
  2. You cann’t quit your job if you just don’t like it.
  3. When something goes wrong, or something unexpected happens, there is no one eles to deal with it. Plugged toilet? You gotta clear it by yourself. Car outta gas? You gotta fill it by yourself. So many things, there is only yourself to deal with it.
  4. Even though the February is the shortest month, the rent still the same.
  5. The ordering food outside is very expensive and your parents don’t lie to you.
  6. Being lonely. Making friends as an adult is very difficult.
  7. You don’t fundamentally change. You are still yourself, even if you are older. It’s the sam you, you just need to survive in the adult world.
  8. You don’t gain adult powers, but you just have to do adult things.
  9. When you grow up, you will watch that your parents are being older. When you get married, you will understand that your parenrts fuch up the first time of being parents to take care about you.
  10. The pain. Bodies start breaking down.

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