she is thinking what to do when a man blows hot and cold

“What to do when a man
blows hot and cold? Or he blows hot and cold what should I do
are same messages
from female fans. Now, everyone is very
enthusiastic about this problem in real life. Doubts, or even at a loss. So
what should you do
a man treats you hot and cold?
Smart women dont talk, let alone get to the bottom. They only need
to do these 3 things, making a man sink deeper love in them.

1. Don’t stalker when he
blows hot and cold

The most taboo thing in a relationship is stalking. The more humble you
are to stay, the more the other person will want to leave you. There is
actually a reason why a man will be
hot and cold to you.

The first step we need to do is to figure out the reason. No matter what
the reason is, we cannot be entangled. Because the more you entangle, the more
men want to escape from you. Sometimes love is like holding sand in your hand.
The tighter you hold it, the faster it will lose. On the contrary, if you don’t
disturb the other party quietly, you can make the other party have the desire
to contact you.

Why is it so difficult for a man to abandon a woman who is emotionally
stable, because such a woman does not cry or make trouble when facing a man’s
indifference, and she is calm. Only such a woman will make men more afraid.

Not stalking, in fact, is also a
respect in love relationship
, do not love too humble, let alone lose yourself.

02. Learn to
improve yourself
when he blows hot and

Everyone’s time is limited. Putting time on one’s own body is far more
meaningful than putting it on others.
As the saying
goes: “The good-looking skins are the same, and the interesting souls are
the same.”
In real life, a woman who really knows how to love
herself can often get more attention from others. If you just put your time and
energy on others , Then in the end you will ignore your own growth.

As a woman, you should never put your time and energy on a man, just like
the saying in the film
“Diet Men and
“Life is like a box of chocolates. You
never know what you will get.”
The same is true in relationships, there are too many unknowns. As the
saying goes, the lover first loves himself. When you know how to love yourself,
your life will become more and more happier.

Mens desire to conquer is
very strong. The better a woman is, the more men will want to own and conquer.
When you don
t pin all your hopes on
a man, a man will put you in his heart. Men with strong financial resources are
not afraid of women’s material things, and powerful women are not afraid of
men’s effort.
a man treats you hot and cold
it proves that your charm is not bad. Therefore, at
this time, you can learn and improve, which can make your life more happy.

03. Keep a sense of being mysterious when he blows hot and cold

When a woman is too transparent in front of a man, the man’s desire to
understand you will be very low. When a woman keeps a sense of mystery at all
times, men will be more eager to approach you.

In fact, the truth is very simple, men are eager to conquer. When you
“handle” well in front of men, men will not put you in their eyes. A
woman who can always maintain a sense of mystery can arouse men’s desires.
Don’t be too transparent in front of men, and don’t rely too much on a man.
Because in the end, everything you do will only get a man’s disgust and

A man is like flying a kite, let him fly further when appropriate; but
when you need him, he can return to you immediately, this is a woman’s greatest

a man treats you hot and cold,
don’t make a big noise,
and don’t make a fuss unreasonably. Silently making yourself better is the most
correct choice.

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