What makes life more meaningful?

Some time ago, I just talked about this topic with my good friend. Her words impressed me very much. She said: “The meaning of life is that I can explore the beauty of life with my favorite partner.” My friend Iris, Iris last year, she walked into the marriage hall with her boyfriend in May last year. At the end of the same year, they had a very cute baby.

Before getting married, she lived in her own house and drove her car to work at the company. She has a stable job and commutes by herself every day. Cook your own meals, wash clothes, go shopping, read books, and even take a walk. At that time, she enjoyed her life alone. She thinks she is very comfortable and happy alone. Really, she even felt that she would never get married forever, let alone have a baby.

At that time, she went shopping alone, tried many good-looking clothes, bought them when she believed in her own judgment, and left reluctantly if she didn’t believe it. You can also wear your favorite clothes and walk on the crowded streets alone, holding your favorite puffs, holding your favorite bubble tea, and humming happily. On the night after get off work, when she felt hungry, she would drive to the store to buy food by herself; she could also take out her favorite takeaway at will without scruples. During those times, she felt that she was really at ease and happy. But slowly, until a boy broke into her life, she realized that her previous life lacked a little light.

She said that when she was alone before, she didn’t feel empty in her heart; but after he came, she felt a lot firmer in her heart, not just the gentle sense of solidity.

She said that if two people live together, the meaning of life far exceeds the meaning of life alone. Although both people have stable jobs, the difference is that they can share the problems in the work together, grow together, and make progress together. When eating, one person eats comfortably, then two people are life and good. When shopping, one person feels happy and handsome, then two people are the happiness of holding hands.

It seems that life will be perfect if two people experience it together. Two people will make the meaning of life more concrete and fulfilling.

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