What is the purpose of life?

I am curious why you have this problem?

The purpose and meaning of life should actually be determined by you, not by reading too many beautiful essays, nor by taking the path of others and repeating the same life of others. We are the masters of our lives, so everything should be measured by yourself.
For me, the purpose of life is to be a better man of yourself and to 
live a better wonderful things.

When I was a child, a good life was to eat delicious food and gain A+ in academic performance.  In the entrance examination stage, the beauty of life is to enter an ideal school through continuous hard work and progress.
In college, the beauty of life is to make sincere friends and participate many interesting activities. 
In adulthood, the meaning of life is to live. Living in an unfamiliar city, living in a rented house of tens of square meters, doing similar work. I have to get up early and return late every day, hurry up and ride in a crowded bus.

If you ask me, “what is the meaning of life at this time? Can you simply find wonderful things that you want?” Maybe most people will say no, but I want to say yes. Isn’t it about working far away to get a high-quality and comfortable life? Isn’t it just for the food and clothing you want?

Maybe you have doubts about what you are doing now because of the hardships and bitterness of life. But please don’t hesitate, everything you have and experience is to be a better man and live a high-quality life. This is the meaning and purpose of your life.  Because you have not yet traveled the world, and you have not met the person you love most, how can you talk about not understanding the purpose and meaning of life?

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