What is the most important thing you have learned in life?

Work for yourself and be responsible for your own growth

Many people think in this way: We pay our own working hours as equal as what the boss pays us. If I take 6,000 yuan, I will do 6,000 yuan work. No pay, no work!

However, it is completely wrong to think in this way.

If we work for the boss, we will always feel that the boss is exploiting ourselves and that we are the “victim”. It is undeniable that there will always be unfair bosses who will not pay us according to our work level. But if you do it for yourself, you will be better. Trust me!

The growth you have gained in your work, the project experience you have accumulated, the achievements you have made, etc. are completely yours, and others cannot take it away.

If you give up working hard because of a bad company environment and an unfair environment for your boss, that would be stupid. If the environment is not good, then you will work hard to accumulate project experience and change jobs. If, because the boss is unfair, you, as a programmer, choose to go to work every day by simply finding a code copy online and then modifying things randomly. What have you got? You didn’t get anything except the basic salary.

The skills were not improved, and the most precious time was wasted. If this happens in another two years, it is estimated that you will be fired by your boss…

Remember that you will always be called ” Work in an unlimited liability company of your own!

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