What is the most beautiful state in love, relationship and bumble dating rather than send “break up message”?

What is the most beautiful state in love? The most beautiful state is probably that both
like each other, never send “break up text message”
in bumble dating. But in a relationship,
girls tend to become troubled. Then, if you want to have a stable relationship, girls must understand the psychological
characteristics of boys in all aspects, not meet new friends online.

According to research conducted by behavioral psychologists:

1. 8.2 seconds to determine whether boys are attracted to girls

If a man and a woman meet for the first time and the boy looks at the girl
for more than 8.2 seconds; then the boy is very likely to be attracted by the
girl. This is called love at first sight.

In real life, if you find that a guy is always staring at you, and when you
look at him, he immediately lowers his head. There are two situations: first,
the guy is completely attracted to you, and he is the one who lowers his head.
He wants to conceal his behavior, he already likes you; second, if the boy
doesn’t look up again for more than 48 seconds, it means he just glanced at you

2. Men with selective hearing syndrome, listening to their partner can only
concentrate for six minutes

Some brain experts have concluded: Men have selective hearing syndrome,
listening partners can only focus on 6 minutes, while girls can reach 15

This explains the troubles of many girls: Why do they like to shirk things
or go to work after only a few minutes of chatting with their boyfriends, not
sending “break up text message”. Or in your chat, you always feel that he is not
listening to you seriously, and the other party is always absent-minded.

3. When men are hungry, they will have a desire to buy and become
extraordinarily generous.

Biologists have discovered that when men are hungry, they secrete hunger
hormones, which makes them pay more attention to food and stimulates the desire
to buy, which makes them extraordinarily generous.

This also explains why in TV dramas, after the wife always makes perfect
food, and before her husband has no meals, she tells her husband that she
recently spent a lot of money to buy a bag, and her husband is not angry at all
in the relationship.

4.  Men with high IQ are more loyal to their partners

Evolutionary psychologists have found that the average IQ of men who are
more loyal and dedicated to their partners is 130, while the average IQ of men
who are more distracted is 83 in the bumble dating. In other words, men with high IQ are more loyal
and dedicated to their partners.

Some people may not agree with this. But the purpose of this article is not
only to tell girls, but also to tell boys a fact: In dating , both parties must not only find a suitable
partner, but also learn to listen to and understand each other. Only if both
parties love each other, then love preservation is not a problem.

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