What is the biggest lesson that life has taught you?

1. When using a laptop to surf the Internet or play games, you should always remember to put the water cup/drink on your left hand or left side.

2. Before the podium, you should pay attention to check whether your trousers zipper is closed or not.

3. When others look at you, you shouldn’t think narcissistically that others are attracted by your appearanceOtherwise, you must bow your head first to check whether your clothes are neat and tidy or not. Because you may have put on your T-shirt with the other side.

4. Sex is a very beautiful thing. It is one of the ways for people in love to express their feelings, just like kiss. But you should remember to take safety measures when making a sex.

5. Every relationship is hard-won, but it does not mean that all relationships should be forgiven and persisted without a lower limit. We should take every relationship seriously, but we should also rationally return when we are lost. The way you turn around, after slapped the scumbag, is much more charming than the way you cried in a begging way.

6. Don’t think that everything will be fine when you have a boyfriend or girlfriend. It doesn’t matter whether you are male or female. Paying more attention to your words or deeds is much more important. If you love him (her), please go out and clean yourself, pay attention to your words and deeds. Two people need to think for each other and make progress together.

7. Don’t demand yourself seriously. Because no matter what you do, there will always be someone who thinks you are not doing well enough. When you enter into the society, you will find that many people are related with some profits. Therefore, such are not in good faith, but in essence to obtain benefits. It is normal not to be understood, not liked, and not valued. Life is like this. How can it be as desired, but be ashamed.

8.Refuse to procrastinate and always discipline yourself.

Staying up late for watching dramas and playing games all night can make you release dopamine quickly and get pleasure fast. But after these short-term happiness, the emptiness will follow to you. Then you will feel lonely and empty. Through this, what really enriches you are things that don’t seem so easy, such as going to bed early, getting up early, keeping fit, and finishing reading a good book.

9.If you want to deny, you must first learn to affirm. The German philosopher Leibniz once said: “There are no two identical leaves in the world.” Similarly, there are no two persons in the world who have exactly the same opinions. Everyone needs to be respected. When we disagree with the other party, it is easier to achieve our goals by first affirming the rationality of the other party’s views, and then expressing our own opinions.

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