What is that one picture that describes the lowest point in your life?

Share a story about my best friend!

She left my hometown to a new place, Guilin City, for continuing her learning of Master of Translation and Interpretation.

At that time, she was experiencing the sad hurt of breaking up with her ex-boyfriend. Meanwhile, the unfamiliarity of a new place also made me upset. And as a northern local people, she couldn’t be used to the southern local food, which featured the spicy taste.

Facing new place and new friends, she couldn’t feel happy. Because she paid more attention to her own hurt in breaking up with ex-boyfriend. Even worse, she couldn’t eat food, only relying on drinking water. Luckily, her roommate was very kind and friendly that they always tried to make me eat food in many ways. She remembered it clearly. That was Mid-Autumn Festival last year when my roommate took her to taste their local special food. They thought that it would help her re-find the pleasure of eating food.

Shocked, that traditional local made me find her past pleasure of eating food. From that time, she decided to get out of the sadness about breaking up with her ex-boyfriend.

Everyday, except daily learning course, she often taught other university students about College English Test Four after class. Then, she actively participated in some major activities to improve herself. From these activities,she not only gained some improvement in her major, but also gained some gifts for awarding her contribution.

Besides, she began to play basketball and badminton with her roommate to enrich life. Increasingly, she found the meaning of life and re-find that confident herself.

What I remember a saying from her is “ You should never give in to the barrier on the pursuit of happiness. You should trust yourself that “ You can make it! And you are the best one.”

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