What is something that needs to be said?

When I see this, the first mind , which falls into my mind, is the first love. We all know that the first love is very wonderful and good. But due to some factors, we may lose each other. Thus, today I would like to say it to many boys and girls in order to cherish your girl and boy well. And never do something that make you regret.

First, I would like to share my story with you. It was in the senior high school, I fell in love with a boy. He was very tall and handsome. Meanwhile, he could sing songs very wonderfully. As his perfect voice had attracted me. Besides, he was very patient when he taught me in mathematics. Actually, the boy and I were classmates and desk-mates. At that time, all classmates were preparing for the college entrance examination, not even to us. But it was the time that I had much more time to get on with him. Due to the school rule, we all students lived in the school every week and at home on rest day. As classmate and desk-mate, I and he learned together, went to the dining room together, and played basketball together. All things related with the daily study courses were completed by us together. At a time, when I was taking a rest on the desk after the class, my chair was suddenly broken. Next, when I fell down on the ground, he held on to me. You could know that he was like a hero in my life. That was that time when I found falling in love with him. Actually, my best friends also believed that we could become lover after the end of senior high school. However, due to my passive behaviors, I lost him forever.

Maybe many people are confused about that the result, and even to the result. Until now, when recalling this thing, I still consider that I was too afraid to lose him. Actually, as to this reason, I can not overcome my inner afraid to pursue my happiness. Thus, I suppose that many boys and girls should cherish your favorite one in your life, whatever you fall in love with the other. There are seven advices for different stages.


When you find yourself has developed a different emotion to the other, the first thing is to face it courageously. Never choose to avoid meeting her or him. You should directly understand your inner idea. And remember the important thing about the first love is to show your heart to her or him, not the result. If you pay more attention to the result, not to choose to put forward one step towards her or him, then you will never let her or him know your idea.


When you fall in love with her or him, you are attracted by the other’s strengths. It is worth reminding that if you have determined that the other one is a lover, you must be prepared to accept all the shortcomings of the other one. Because what attract you is his perfect sides, there are much more unknown sides deserving to know. Maybe when this stage is past, you will lose your interest in him by seeing his or her shortcomings. But as a saying goes, nobody is perfect. What you should do is to know him in all grounds, then you can make a decision whether you love her or him or not.


To fall in love is to understand each other’s temper and know each other’s preferences. Quarreling is a very normal thing, thus, you should decide whether continue to love in accordance with the problem. As long as it is not a principled error, both of you can communicate with each other well by many methods, such as setting a meeting, and writing the inner factors down. Then, according to the result, you ought to deal with it in a better way. Otherwise, do not conflict or quarrel excessively. If the problem has changed in the quality, you can directly follow your own heart to solve it.


Leave her or him decidedly, if your relationship is over. It is true that the first love plays an important role in your life. In other words, he or she takes a significant role in you daily life. Both of you have experienced the happiness, sadness and surprise of this relationship. But in the final, due to some uncontrollable factors, you have to fall apart with each other. At this time, what you need to do is to give each other a hug, and then leave without hesitation. Never choose to stay with her or him without dignity.

In the end, I hope that many boys and girls, even adults, can find their lover and live a happy life.

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