What is something about human psychology that almost nobody knows?

1. When your girlfriend asks you: “How am I a little different today?” In fact, she wants to gain your appreciation and admiration.

You can just say: “May I kiss you? I love you so much. In my eyes, you are the moset beautiful one. And the biggest difference of you is that you are more beautiful today than ever before.”

2. If your girlfriend complains to you, saying that she has a stomachache, a cold and a headache. And she feels uncomfortable to cut her fingers. These shows that she actually gains your sincere care and love.

3. If your girlfriend asks you: “Does the clothes I wear today look fashionable? If you say, “good-looking”, she may be angry and says you are perfunctory. You have no idea what to do. Let me tell you. This behavior shows what she is really eager to gain is your sincere praise and love.

When dealing with these problems, you should remerber your main direction is to praise her.You can hug her and kiss her. Then, you may say,” I don’t want to let you go out with the clothes. Because I am afraid that other men will be attracted by you. 

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