they know what is a couples retreat?

What is a couples retreat? Human beings are a bisexual creature from
birth, and develop their sexual potential in different ways. In order to build
a social environment with mutual respect and tolerance for sex, different
lifestyles and different values, the World Health Organization recognizes
gender education as “holistic education”
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What is a couples retreat? Sexual health refers to the physical, mental,
social and emotional states related to sex
tell them what they want to hear. It is not only based on the dissemination
of knowledge about sex
, reproductive health, and sexual rights, but also
emphasizes on sex, sexual relations, and pleasant and safe sex experiences.
With a positive attitude, keeping both sexes healthy, all sexual rights should
be respected, protected and satisfied.

1. Gender education is a kind of health

What is a couples retreat? The main function of gender education is not
limited to the prevention of disease transmission and unwanted pregnancy and
abortion. It is also a kind of “love and character education”.
Through the cultural knowledge of both sexes, the self-worth related to sex and
the business relationship required for life practice are improved,
tell them what they want to hear. Skills to cultivate good mentality and
healthy intimacy between the sexes. Take “love” as the core value,
emphasize that you love yourself before loving others, and teach life skills
for managing intimate relationships
with “life skills” as the
orientation. Maintain long-term and stable intimacy, express your values and
self-management skills with love and kindness. The “health” referred
to by gender education is not only physical health, but also psychological

2. Gender education is a kind of rights

What is a couples retreat? Except for health education accidents, gender
education is based on human rights, whether it is sexual rights or reproductive
rights, gender education is not only about desire, but also about protection.
In addition to “pleasure”, human satisfaction also comes from “safety”,
tell them what they want to hear. Your privacy and boundaries are respected.
Body autonomy is to assert one’s own rights. A positive approach will lead to a powerful actor, and a negative way of resistance will lead
to a potential victim. Therefore, gender education lies in respecting the wishes
of others, not forcing others, nor forcing oneself, and oneself has the right
to agree and also have the right to say “no”

3. Gender education is a lifelong education

What is a couples retreat? Sex is not all of life, but it is an
important part of being a self-loving person. Different ages have different
tasks of sex education, and gender education accompanies people’s life with a
positive force. Every age group has new knowledge about sex to learn to adapt
to the new tasks and challenges in life.

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