What I want in a man checklist during sex?

he just now had women having wild sex

What I want in a man checklist during sex? When a woman falls in love with a man
wholeheartedly, she will devote herself to the fun of sex when she has sex with
a man. At this time, it is easy to achieve orgasm, but we must pay attention to
some details of sex. Avoid affecting the quality of sex for
women having wild sex.

What do women think about
during sex?

1 Is there any thoughtful

I want in a man checklist during sex
Women regard gentle and considerate foreplay as a manifestation of love.
If a man goes straight to the subject, the
hot women in bed will feel wronged in her heart and think that the other party does not
care about her feelings for
having wild sex
. Therefore, men should
kiss, hug, and touch more, which will make her feel a lot of love.

2 Whether pay attention to

Some men do not care about cleaning when they come
to “sexual interest”, and even don’t want to wear condoms of hot women in bed. Not paying attention to hygiene can make women feel disgusted, feel that sex is
“dirty”, and make them prone to gynecological diseases.
What I want in a man checklist during sex? Therefore, taking a bath before sex will make it
easier for her to accept you for
women having wild sex.

3 Is there tenderness after

If after sex, a man falls asleep. While hot women in bed often feel that “he doesn’t love me, he just uses me as a sex
What I want in a man checklist
during sex?
Dr. Zhu Di, a well-known
American sex therapist, pointed out that during sex, the pituitary gland of the
brain secretes aphrodisiac, which makes people feel warm and want to hug.
Therefore, after sex, hold her and say a few words, even if you tell her that
you are a little tired, she will think you care about her while women having wild sex.

4 men’s sexual ability

The sexual ability that men have always worried
about is not so high in the eyes of women.
What I want in a man checklist during sex? From a woman’s point of view, sexual ability is not
simply “hardness” and “time”. Paying attention to her
feelings and allowing her to obtain both mental and physical satisfaction is
the embodiment of strong sex while for
women having wild sex.

What I want in a man checklist during sex? Tips to improve the quality of sex

01 At least one-time life a

Even if you are busy at work, at least maintain the
habit of one-time life every week. Having sex at least once a week can help
prevent diseases and regulate emotions, and can better protect the immunity of
the reproductive system for
hot women
in bed

02 Reduce distraction

Watching TV and playing on mobile phones in bed are recently elected “sexuality
Televisions and mobile phones can even ruin your
“sex” all night without for
women having wild sex.

03 Exercise more abdominal

Exercising abdominal muscles can help improve the
quality of sex. Female friends can stop when urination is interrupted, count
five times, and then relax for for
women having wild sex. Repeated practice every day can help improve the elasticity of the
abdominal muscles.

04 Regular health checks

Abdominal pain, dysmenorrhea, genital itching, and increased
secretions may ruin your sex of hot women in bed. Therefore, when these reproductive system symptoms occur, you must seek medical
examination in time to find out the cause and actively treat it while
women having wild sex.

05Choose the right
contraceptive method

Unexpected pregnancy is also a big trouble in sex.
To avoid unintended pregnancy, it is best to choose a suitable contraceptive
method. This will also help alleviate the doubts about sex and allow you to better engage in sex of
hot women in bed.

06 Exercise at least three
times a week

Exercise can not only promote physical health, but
proper exercise can help increase physical strength and improve the quality of
sex of
hot women in bed.

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