What has been the best decision you’ve made in your life?

In 2017, I reacted to him and promised to begin our relationship. Because we knew each other in my roomate’s birthday party. Then through a long-time online chatting, I had a deep understanding about him from the hobby, to habit,to morality, to character. When we made a first meeting date in the playground for playing basketball, we determined to set up our relationship.

In 2018, we only had a year to enjoy the campus life together. Because we needed to face the reality of graduation from the university. At that time, I started to prepar my exam of master of Transation and Interpration. While he began to find th job. Luckily, I passed the examination, and he found a pretty job in a company.

In 2019, my undergraduate university was far from his working place. At this time, we broke up with each other due to the long distance.

In 2020, we are with each other again. When I came back by the high-speed railway, we met with each other occassionally. At that time, I saw his eyes being full of tears. And we gave each other a hug. During that time, through a polite communication, I get to know that he is always waiting for me. He was on the same railway with mine, because he asked from my best friend. As we still love each other, we decide to be with each other again.

This photo was taken in Suzhou City in China in 2020.

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