What do you know affect sex desire?

she wears such dress with sex desire

do you know affect sex desire? Nowadays, people’s sexual thoughts are
becoming more and more open. Sexual life is no longer a simple reproduction of
offspring. Many men and women are beginning to pursue physical and mental
pleasure. However, with age, sexual desire has gradually diminished, especially for people over 30. What influences people’s sexual

1. Nutrition

do you know affect sex desire? Nutrition is the cornerstone of good
health and the material basis of sex. Lack of zinc, selenium and protein in the
body will lead to decreased sexual function. On the contrary, there is a
comprehensive and balanced nutrition. Three meals a day are fixed and
quantified, and normal sexual function can be maintained without picky or
partial eclipse.

2. Under the
influence of drugs

Taking a drug in large doses or for a long time can cause sexual dysfunction, leading to impotence and premature ejaculation in
men and apathy in women. A variety of drugs can affect sexual function, such as
antihypertensive drugs, hypoglycemic drugs, lipid-regulating drugs, anticancer
drugs, and antidepressants. Long-term radiation therapy can also reduce sexual desire.

3. Age

do you know affect sex desire? Age is a key factor that affects sexual
desire. Generally, men’s sexual desire peaks between 20 and 30 years old, but
sexual ability gradually weakens after entering 30 years old, especially at 50
years old. Sexual desire peaks
in women
in their 30s to 40s, but it will slowly decrease after menopause.

4. Feelings

do you know affect sex desire? Human beings are emotional animals, and
sexual desire is not a pure biological instinct, it is based on love. When the
relationship between husband and wife is broken or disordered, they will be
extremely tired of each other, which will lead to decreased sexual desire or
lack of sexual desire. Therefore, a harmonious sex life must ensure the
emotional harmony between husband and wife.

5. Incentives and
sexual history

Sexual desire is related to sex hormones and external
stimuli. Life is monotonous, lack of communication with others, never pay
attention to sex-related books or movies, and never talk about related topics.
This will excessively inhibit sexual desire and lead to lack of sex. If there
is no sexual satisfaction or no sex life in sex for a long time, people will
reduce their sexual desire.

6. Living

do you know affect sex desire? The living environment is too crowded,
poorly ventilated, and messy, which is bound to affect people’s mood. In
addition, staying in places with poor air circulation can cause insufficient
oxygen and blood supply to the brain, which in turn affects sexual performance
and reduces sexual desire. In addition, generations of people live under the
same roof and sleep in the same bed with their children, which will increase
psychological pressure and lead to a decrease in sexual desire.

7. Smoking and

do you know affect sex desire? Alcohol can dilate blood vessels
throughout the body, lack of penile blood circulation and sexual pleasure,
thereby reducing sexual desire. Smoking damages the blood vessel walls, weakens
the elasticity of blood vessels in the penis, and affects penile erection.
However, the damage to sexual function caused by smoking and drinking is a
reversible process. As long as you quit smoking and alcohol as soon as
possible, sexual function can return to

8. Emotions

do you know affect sex desire? Large mood swings can make people’s libido
temporarily decrease, especially when bad moods such as excessive sadness,
depression or despair, etc., can completely lose libido in severe cases.
Therefore, when the other party is in a bad mood, it is necessary to help
eliminate the bad mood in time and do a good job of psychological guidance. If
you reluctantly have sex, not only will you not be able to obtain sexual
pleasure, it will cause sexual frigidity and affect the relationship between
husband and wife.

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