What disturbed you today?

you endure to be insulted by others?

The takeaway
boy was insulted in text messages by college students.


I was shocked when I saw a news.
That, an takeaway man in Anhui
province was unable to deliver meals to the dormitory because of the university
rule. Then he was insulted in text
by the university student.

The thing developed in such an order:

After the
takeaway boy delivered
the food to the university address on time, the
costumer’s phone had no react.

Then he
sent the next order first. A few minutes
, the student called the takeaway man and asked him to rush back. He hurried back again and asked the
student whether he should be sent to the
south gate or the north gate. The student asked the takeaway to send it downstairs.

While he explained that he
was not available to the university. Thus, they chose to meet at the north
gate. However, after delivering the
, he received a message with some “fucking words” from the student.
For example, “I am your father.” And “ you are a poor low man, like a pig.

When I saw
this, I supposed if I were a takeaway man, I might not be able to bear such
insults and would not accept the student’s apology. But in fact, the takeaway

chose to forgive the student. And he said that the
other party was still a student. And he hoped that would not affect the student’s learning career.

Thus, I want to know your opinions about this phenomenon.

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